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Massage Therapies

At Spa, a massage is a truly individual journey where you will discover the power of the touch in a personalized experience to harmonies and balance your body.


Swedish Massage                 50 / 80 minutes
A light to medium pressure soothing massage with long, flowing movements. İt is full body calming and relaxing massage.
Concentrate Back Massage 50 minutes
Increase energy with a reviving upper body massage focusing on key areas to relieve muscle tension. Ideal for those requiring focused attention on the back muscle.
Oriental Massage                 50/80 minutes
The integrative combination of Thai and Swedish Massage techniques applied full body massage includes the scalp, hands and feet with stretching techniques. You feel mentally and physically relaxed and uplifted .
Anti Cellulite Massage           50/80 minutes
A stimulating massage with firming, toning oils to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.Anti cellulite massage oil is applied to revitalise and stimulate.
Hot Stone Massage                   80 minutes
A Tibetan full body and face massage technique that uses Basalt stones to instill a deep level of calm while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and eliminating stress.
Sport Masajı                             50 minutes
A medium to strong full body massage that focuses on releasing muscle tension by specifically targeting the individual needs of the active man or woman. This sports massage combines Swedish-style massage with the benefits of trigger points and gentle stretches.
Deep Tissue Massage         50/80 minutes
The traditional European, deep tissue, full body massage technique eases aching muscles, stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins so that you look great and feel even better.
Aroma Therapy Massage             50/80 minutes
Our therapist will blend the essential oils to suit your individual needs. A light pressure massage will promote self-healing and the balance of mind and body.
Four Hand Swedish Massage     80 minutes
Two therapists performing a unique four hand massage.You will experience a non-traditional Swedish massage using long strokes, a stress relieving and relaxing full body massage . This will encourage your mind to release the stresses of daily life.