Turkish Bath - Hammam

A popular pastime among the upper-class and the commoners alike, hammams have been culturally significant places during the Ottoman Empire period.

They not only served the purpose of cleansing and relaxing the body but were also venues for socializing and celebrating, especially among women, who would chat, feast on home-made foods and sing or dance during their hammam outings. At Sanitas, the Turkish-bath session comforts and nourishes the body in the traditional oriental manner. Its soothing warmth and exotic aromas re-create the authentic, luxurious atmosphere of Turkish baths enjoyed by the sultans themselves.

Pasha Treatment 

The body is carefully rubbed with a textured mitt and covered with the fragrant froth of soap, which cleanses and revitalises the skin, creating a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Duration: 40 min.

Shehrazat Treatment 

In addition to the Pasha Treatment, special aromatic oils and circular massage movements in typical hammam fashion are used to revitalise the muscles while particular attention is paid to the scalp, hands and feet.

Duration: 55 min.

Vip Treatment

This is a deluxe treatment for a special occasions. Your ritual begins with a body-peeling scrub of your choice, where either grape seed, coffee, brown sugar, or honey crystals are applied to your body. As you lie enveloped in the froth of aromatic soaps, your scalp, hands and feet are massaged by a therapist using special oils and circular movements. The ritual ends with a fresh fruits service.

Duration: 80 min.