Sanitas Spa

At our spa, a massage is a truly individual journey where you will discover the power of your body's energy.

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    Spa Classics

    Indulge your spirit and restore balance to your mind, body and soul...

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    Ayurverdic Treatments

    Ayurveda is the ancient healing art of India. It teaches that by adopting an orderly style of living and using the appropriate nutrition to prevent and treat illnesses, you can reach a state of tranquility and fulfillment.

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    Turkish Bath - Hammam

    A popular pastime among the upper-class and the commoners alike, hammams have been culturally significant places during the Ottoman Empire period.

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    Spa Journeys

    These treatments are unique individual journeys where you will discover the power of the touch in a personalized experience that harmonize and balance your body.

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    Selvert Body Treatments

    Let your body rejuvenate as you regain all the energy you need through Sanitas Spa’s exclusive body treatments.

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    Selvert Facial Treatments

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    World Treatments

    In an oasis of calm where time stands still, discover a new world of awareness as your every sense is tantalized, stimulated and refreshed.

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    Selection of Barbaros Bay

    A total relaxation of the body, mind and soul awaits …

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