Fitness Centre & Activities

At the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay’s fully-equipped fitness centre, our qualified fitness instructors will work with you to motivate and assist you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals. Whether your aim is cardiovascular fitness, increased strength, flexibility, weight loss, or a combination of these, you can select from a variety of exercise and fitness options tailored to help you meet your personal goals or for maximum benefits, workout at the gym with a personal trainer.

• Yoga
60 minutes

Yoga improves the overall well-being of both body and mind through the introduction of gentle postures that are adapted to suit each guest’s physical structure. Ideal for beginners and or advanced guests who want to enhance personal wellbeing, improve posture and counteract the physical and mental stresses of daily life
• Meditasyon
45 minutes

Provides a chance to calm your mind and take time to focus on your own self. Your instructor will guide you through a sitting and walking meditation technique, allowing your mind and body to relax. You will leave the meditation session feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself.
• Pilates
60 minutes

Pilates is a floor-based exercise to strengthen and lengthen the muscles as you learn to apply breathing technique, enabling you to achieve optimum posture and overall well-being. Pilates improves overall flexibility, lowers stress levels, flattens your stomach and trims your waist through a natural ‘girdle’ of strength.
• Personal Fitness Training Programme
60 minutes

Our qualified fitness instructor will work with you to motivate and assist you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, whether it is cardiovascular fitness, advanced strength, flexibility or weight loss.
• Nordic Walking
60 minutes

Enjoy the breath taking Aegean Sea and forest scenery as we take you through the hills of Barbaros Bay.
*May be limited according to season and therapist availability