Signature Dish

Çökertme Kebab

Çökertme is the Ottoman name for the Aegean region surrounding Bodrum.

Being a coastal region, fish was the main protein source and meat an expensive delicacy that was only served for important holidays and festivities. Çökertme kebab, which is often also called Bodrum kebab, is the signature meat dish of this region consisting of beef tenderloin, tomato and yoghurt sauces, potato straw and cubed pide. We serve a modern, lighter version of the dish in which the traditional pide cubes are substituted with fine sheets of baklava dough.

It is said to have been invented by the personal chef of the name giver of our hotel, Admiral Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha, to celebrate one of his many victory that helped secure the Ottoman dominance over the Eastern Mediterranean in the mid 16th century.