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Signature Dish

To become a signature dish, a dish has to meet certain criteria: for example it has to be unique in its preparation. Furthermore the ingredients must be of high quality and have a local relation to the region.
All good reasons to recommend our signature dish to you...

Homemade king prawn and salmon sausage with curry-pineapple sauce

Created by Chef Frank Hokamp, home-made king prawn and salmon sausage is the classic dish at Kempinski Grill. This delicacy originated from Frank Hokamp’s great-grandfather’s butcher house and was introduced on Kempinski Grill’s menu in 2004.

The sausage is made with a prawns, salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, a homemade herb mix, onions and boiled potatoes, and is served with fruity pineapple curry sauce for a truly unique taste experience.