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Culinary Hightlights

Discover the Culinary Highlights at the legendary Kempinski Hotel Bristol.

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    Bristol High Tea

    Every day in best tradition... Even today, we still celebrate this stylish ceremony in which elegant 19th century society met friends and associates.

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    SUMMER High Tea

    Enjoy ice tea or -coffee, one glass of Kempinski sparkling wine, accompanied by a selection of summer delicacies, such as homemade ice-pralinés, and fruity petit-fours.

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    Braised Müritz lamb shank off the wagon

    Müritz lamp is a well-known regional delicacy appreciated for it special qualitiy and is a menu highlight at Kempinski Grill restaurant.

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    Matcha Latte

    Enjoy the most exciting rediscovery of the world of tea.

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  • Kempinski-Hotel-Bristol-Berlin-Gastronomie-Cold-Drip-Coffee

    Cold Drip Coffee

    Iced cold for hot summer days. Try our latest highlight - intense coffee flavors
    filtered in a special „Cold Dripper“.

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    Cocktail courses

    Stir and shake ... With our ultimate cocktail course at the Bristol Bar, you'll never miss the ideas for your planned celebration again. Shine as a wonderful host and surprise your guests with delicious cocktails and drinks that you have prepared.

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