Festive menus

At restaurant Kempinski Grill

24 December (from 6 pm)

  • Tartlet of king prawns with stuffed pineapple rolls in sesame on guacamole and wild herbs
  • Essence of rabbit with fried quail roulade and gold leaf
  • Roasted loup de mer on beetroot risotto with salmon caviar
  • Duet of venison on gratinated romanesco-potato tart and carrots
  • Chocolate-pear tartlets with almond foam and mango-dates sorbet

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25 December 

  • Stuffed quail with truffle and lardo bacon
  • Pot au feu of pigeon with stuffed wontons
  • Fried pikeperch with dill potato scales on langostino foam
  • Grilled veal fillet with fried potato-macaroni terrine and vegetable spaghetti
  • Mousse of pine honey with compote of dried apricots and tamarillo sorbet

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26 December

  • Mille feuille of fawn and venison with orange-spice jam
  • Gratinated chestnut soup with roasted wild-fig-balls
  • Baked prawns with pumpkin seeds on pineapple risotto and curry foam
  • Classic duck
  • Orange savarin with spiced ice and cassis pear

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First and second Christmas Day from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm and from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Four-course menu: EUR 79 per person
Five-course menu: EUR 89 per person

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