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Festive menus

At restaurant Kempinski Grill

24th of December (from 6pm)


  • (Brandenburg) venison with blackberry jelly
  • Partridge essence in puff pastry with cep mushroom dumplings
  • Stuffed sole rolls with saffron potatoes and spinach
  • Grilled filet of veal with a herb crust and chestnut-salsify tartlets
  • Coconut-nougat cake with pickled kumquat
25th of December (from 12pm)


  • Lobster with pomegranate jam and pineapple-horseradish strudel
  • Frothy goose giblets soup with home smoked duck breast
  • Roasted monk fish and king prawn on a lemon grass spit with spinach raviolis
  • Roasted saddle of venison with cauliflower and potatoes on phyllo pastry and berry-red cabbage
  • Orange-truffle tartlets with pineapple in spicy syrup
26th of December (from 12pm)


  • Stuffed smoked saddle of venison with sweet rum pot berries and baked almond paste
  •  Frothy topinambur / Jerusalem artichoke soup with stuffed puff pastry
  •  Pikeperch and Canadian lobster crepinette with roasted dill-polenta
  •  (Brandenburg) Breast of duck with red cabbage and potato dumplings
  •  Hazelnut strudel with lemon grass ice cream 
4-course menu EUR 79
5-course menu EUR 89

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The menues as PDF to download.
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