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Surrender to the wonderfully soothing effects wrought by the expert hands of our massage therapists. Take your pick from a wide variety of therapeutic massages, such as Lomi Lomi Nui, Thai, Shiatsu, Balinese therapy and more.

Special Treatment: Singing Bowl Massage

Unforgettable memories are created for everyone who has experienced a singing bowl massage with Master Vijay. Originating in Tibet, this method was applied in the Bronze Age during religious and healing ceremonies. The treatment is based on the assumption that every healthy body cell is in a constant state of oscillation. If cells are blocked, the human being gets ill. The oscillations of the singing bowl’s various tones create resonances in the body, reaching deep into the cells. In the form of relaxing waves, they stream through the body, balancing the cells and creating a high level of relaxation. The natural defences are further stimulated and the immune system is strengthened.

60 minutes EUR 110


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