Body Treatments

Feel like you are in seventh heaven.

Merlot Grape Body Exfoliation

A body scrub: perfect anti-ageing, smoothing and hydrating for your skin

60 minutes EUR 100


Aromatherapy Body Exfoliation

A sea salt exfoliation - smoothes and stimulates

45 minutes EUR 75


Slimming Treatment

This firming and body shaping treatment is an anti-cellulite programme with an intense massage to activate the metabolism. Grapefruit purifies the skin whilst black pepper stimulates the blood circulation and cypress has a draining effect. This treatment improves the body‘s contours, smoothes and tones the skin with the aid of herbal antioxidants and enzymes. In order to achieve optimal results, it is recommended to apply the Daniele de Winter PERFECTING BODY KIT which is free of synthetic colours,fragrances, parabens and mineral oils several times a week for a whole month.

90 minutes EUR 155


Green Tea Body Wrap

This firming body treatment mineralises and detoxifies the body with a green tea and herbal body wrap. Reducing cellulite, it leaves skin smoother giving a sleek tighter body contour.

60 minutes EUR 100


Singing bowls treatment

The Singing Bowl massage calms the mind and harmonises the body. The different sounds and volumes of the singing bowls vibrate the body‘s cells, gently stimulating the inner soul. Everyday life stresses disappear leaving you calm and in a state of deep relaxation.

60 minutes EUR 95

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