Our Signature Dish

Try the original Berlin Curry Sausage - a Berlin classic Adlon-style

The mission: the invention of a culinary trademark.
The ingredients: a secret.
The result: the “Adlon-Currywurst”.

Kempinski guests can expect a new interpretation of a classic local dish that dates back to 1949. Herta Heuwer prepared the very first currywurst in her snack stand in Berlin-Charlottenburg while mixing a sauce consisting of tomato paste, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce and some other ingredients. Shortly afterwards, this new snack became especially popular and it still is today. In the past year, approximately 850 million currywurst sausages have been eaten in Germany – out of which 6,136 were sold at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. After all, the “Adlon-Currywurst” is only available at Pariser Platz since the recipe for the sauce is a well-protected secret.

This much can be revealed now: the ingredients for this special dish have to be chosen wisely. Hotel Adlon Kempinski co-operated with the Havelland Express, one of the leading local suppliers for gastronomy. Havelland Express buys almost all its products in the Berlin region, such as the Havelländer Apfelschwein, whose quality starts with space-appropriate breeding. It is raised in the middle of untouched nature with a special focus on appropriate space for the animals. The diet is based on organic apple pomace. 

Try the “Adlon-Currywurst” in the lobby, at Restaurant Quarré or on the terrace in the summer. It is served with freshly made French fries at EUR 17.