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Coffee Breaks

Our event specialists have created some outstanding themed coffee breaks to make your meetings and conferences even more special!

All coffee breaks can be booked individually or can be included in our published meeting packages. Please contact us for more details and information!

  • croppedimage230150-Kempinski-Beijing-Bavarian-Brotzeit-Break

    "Bavarian Brotzeit" Coffee Break

    Dive into a real German culinary experience by booking our Bavarian ‘Brotzeit’ Coffee Break. Enjoy typical German dishes that will leave you satisfied and invigorated.

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  • Club53

    "Kempinski European Elegance" Coffee Break

    Let Kempinski introduce you to the culinary delights of European Elegance. The soignée decoration will stimulate the atmosphere to make the experience monumental.

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  • Kempinski Beijing Fun Factor Coffee Break

    "The Fun Factor" Coffee Break

    Let loose during your Coffee Break! Forget the stress of business and enjoy sweet and salty fun dishes, and relax while playing with one of the 90’s GameBoys!!! This trip to your childhood will have you awake and excited for your upcoming meeting!

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  • Kempinski Beijing Vital Health Power Break

    "Vital Health & Power" Coffee Break

    Use your Coffee Break to do something good for your body and mind. Enjoy organic and healthy food that will leave you with power and enthusiasm to continue your business day.

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  • croppedimage230150-Kempinski-Beijing-In-Beijing-Hutong-1

    "In Beijing Hutong" Coffee Break

    Re-enter Chinese culture during your Coffee Break. Enjoy Chinese inspired foods and beverages balancing your Ying and Yang to successfully continue your meeting.

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  • Kempinski Beijing Valrhona Chocolate Indulgence

    "Valhrona Chocolate Indulgence" Coffee Break

    Savor the famously rich Valhrona Chocolate during your Coffee Break. Experience the heart warming richness of the chocolate, which will leave you longing for more…

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