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Beautiful Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of Yanshan Mountains, eight kilometres north of Huairou County. Spanning 65.78 hectares, Yanqi Lake is surrounded by a variety of trees including pine, poplar and willow. Yanqi Lake is also a natural habitat for various species, including rare migrant birds and geese, especially during spring and autumn. The name, Yanqi Lake literally translates as ‘Swans Dwell on the Lake’.

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    Mutianyu Great Wall

    The Great Wall of China is located amongst orchards and pines in the northern Beijing mountains. The Wall was reconstructed at Mutianyu to keep out the nomadic tribes to the north.

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    Hongluo Temple

    Located at the foot of Hongluo Mountains in the northern Huairou District, Hongluo (Red Snail) Temple sits against the backdrop of the mountain and fronted by a large lake and entrance gate marked by a large engraved pailou (arch).

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    Miyun Reservoir

    Miyun Reservoir, located 100 kilometres northeast of Beijing, is a mountain valley reservoir.

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    Water Rafting

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    Yanqi Lake Amusement Park

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    Baiquan Mountain

    Baiquan Mountain, meaning 'hundreds of springs', is endowed with exceptionally imposing mountains, rich vegetation and a pleasant environment.

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    Beijing Classic Car Museum

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    Red Star Erguotou Museum

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