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Beijing Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of Yanshan Mountains, eight kilometres north of Huairou County. Spanning 65.78 hectares, Yanqi Lake is surrounded by a variety of trees including pine, poplar and willow. Yanqi Lake is also a natural habitat for various species, including rare migrant birds and geese, especially during spring and autumn. The name, Yanqi Lake, literally translates as ‘Swans Dwell on the Lake’.


Our Facilities at Yanqi Lake

Located alongside the picturesque Yanqi Lake, with magnificent views of Yanshan Mountain, and the Mutianyu Great Wall, our facilities are set on 14-square-kilometre grounds in the heart of scenic Yanqi Lake, Beijing, and include a total of 595 guestrooms and suites: 306 rooms at Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing, located on the main land; 111 rooms at the Yanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski; and 178 rooms spread across 12 Boutique Hotels, on a private island.

14,069 square metres of meeting space, including an 8,277-square-metre Conference Centre, and ample outdoor event space amidst beautifully landscaped natural gardens, offer meeting planners a brand-new exciting option of a fully-integrated MICE destination in Beijing.

Facilities include 14 restaurants and bars, a marina, Kempinski The Spa, recreational and fitness facilities, and a Kids Club.


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    Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing

    Kempinski welcomes you to Yanqi Lake, a new haven of tranquility and beauty, with magnificent views...

    ...of Yanshan Mountain and the Mutianyu Great Wall, just one hour's drive from Beijing City Centre. Yanqi Lake Kempinski offers guests and their families an exciting experience at a new fully-integrated resort on the outskirts of Beijing. Facilities include 306 guestrooms and suites, meeting facilities, Kempsinki The Spa, recreational and fitness facilities, a Kid’s Club and an array of culinary offerings at its nine restaurants and bars.

    Prices from: 1300 CNY

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    Yanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski

    Located alongside the picturesque Yanqi Lake with magnificent views of Yanshan Mountain, and the...

    ...Mutianyu Great Wall, our Yanqi Lake State Guest House, managed by Kempinski, with 111 guestrooms is set on an island spanning 14 square kilometres.  Facilities include a 8,277-square-metre Conference Centre, a marina, Kempinski The Spa, recreational and fitness facilities, and an array of culinary offerings at its five restaurants and bars. 

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    Boutique Hotels, managed by Kempinski

    Managed by Kempinski and located on various parts of Yanqi Island, the 12 Boutique Hotels have a...

    ...total of 178 guestrooms and suites. The Boutique Hotels range in size from 6,000 - 9,000 square metres and house between 10 and 19 guest rooms and suites in each building. Guestrooms range from a 40-square-metre Standard Room to a 1,087-square-metre Presidential Suite. The hotels blend contemporary and traditional design with thematic décor inspired by the Chinese Imperial Gardens of Beijing and the concept of ‘Siheyuan’ – a traditional courtyard combined with modern elements. The Boutique Hotels offer breathtaking views of the mountains, the Mutianyu Great Wall, the lake and natural gardens.

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Things to do

  • Mutianyu Great Wall

    The Great Wall of China is located amongst orchards and pines in the northern Beijing mountains. The Wall was reconstructed at Mutianyu to keep out the nomadic tribes to the north. A short 60 kilometre-trip outside of Beijing, The Great Wall of China at Mutianyu stands as a monument to both the strength and weakness of the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1627). Come learn, touch, and explore the history of the Wall built more than 609 years ago, yet which remains largely intact as it snakes endlessly across the mountain ridgelines.

  • Hongluo Temple

    Located at the foot of Hongluo Mountains in the northern Huairou District, Hongluo (Red Snail) Temple sits between the mountain and a large lake, marked by a large engraved pailou (arch) entrance gate. The building comprises five halls, each used for worshipping different gods. The temple is also famed for its bamboo grove which dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and contains tens of thousands of shoots. There are also Sakyamunis (one of the names of Buddha), 30-metre-high male and female gingkoes that are 1,000 years old, as well as an 800-year-old great pine entwined with two Chinese wisterias.

  • Miyun Reservoir

    Miyun Reservoir, located 100 kilometres north east of Beijing, is a mountain valley reservoir. Chaohe and Baihe Rivers flow into Miyun Reservoir and the catchment is about 15,788 kilometres, and consists of mountains and piedmonts. Miyun Reservoir was originally built to control flooding, irrigation and fishery, but now, the reservoir holds Beijing’s main source of drinking water. The tourist deck offers expansive views of the reservoir, mountains, fishing boats and building architecture surrounding the shores.