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Scrubs and Wraps

The best for your body & soul

Winter Clear Out Scrub Smoothening

This body scrub leaves the skin extremely smooth, supple and soft. It is composed of finely ground coffee mixed with nourishing olive oil to ensure deep moisture.

30 minutes

Winter Fleece Wrap Restoring

Indulge in relaxing and intensely nourishing beauty scrub followed by a luxurious bodymask which provides the skin with an intensive moisture boost followed by a relaxing massage.

90 minutes

Spring Clean Scrub Glowing

Your skin will be gently exfoliated, using a coconut and papaya polish, which will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished preparing the skin for the winter.

30 minutes

Spring Embrace Wrap Boosting

Your body is enveloped in a luxurious body mask. Slim and slender, your figure regains harmony. It will be particularly effective as part of a slimming programme when combined with Spring Clean Scrub and Spring In Your Step massage.

90 minutes

Summer Radiant Scrub Cleansing

Coconut is the key ingredient in this luxurious body polish. In its powdered form it gently but effectively works to induce a smoother and more even skin texture.

30 minutes

Summer Calm Wrap Re-hydrating

Enjoy a sense of balance and relaxation with a body scrub, a nourishing body mask to boost blood circulation and hydrate the body followed by a balancing massage.

90 minutes

Autumn Flame Scrub Clearing

Let us exfoliate your skin starting with a dry body brushing followed by a brown sugar and nourishing oil, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and glowing whilst also hydrated. This is a perfect choice before a Spring In Your Step massage as it helps to prepare the skin for the effective penetration of the products which will be applied subsequently.

30 minutes

Autumn Drape Wrap Reassuring

This deeply relaxing and sleep enhancing body wrap is the true path of well-being, Allow yourself to slow down completely as you are enveloped in a warm lavender mask.

90 minutes