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Moments of pure relaxation

Winter Warmer Stimulating

The Winter Warmer is a classic deep tissue or sports massage. It is both invigorating and stimulating, and can be specifically designed to focus on painful joints or stiffness in the body as required. This therapeutic body treatment includes a warming foot balm and wrap, which works upon the pressure points to disperse warming energy throughout the body.

90 minutes

Spring In Your Step Gently Detoxifying

This is a detoxifying and revitalizing massage which works on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body. It is therefore effective as part of an anti cellulite programme and works well in reducing the effects of fluid retention. It is ideal to counter the effects of jet lag. This therapeutic massage commences with dry body brushing and is a perfect preparation for a Winter Warmer massage where the focus is to activate the connective tissue.

90 minutes



Summer Bliss Releasing

This is a Swedish massage, which will cool, calm and rehydrate you, using movements which are synchronized on both sides of the body and also using pressure point application. When you need to soothe either your mind or body, this is the choice for you.

90 minutes


Autumn Sleep Stillness

This aromatherapy massage is focused on achieving deep levels of relaxation. It is ideal if you are feeling pressured, having an overactive mind in need of queiting or are suffering from insomnia. If you just need some ‘time out,’ then this is also the perfect treatment choice for you.

90 minutes