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Journey Through the Seasons

We invite you to discover nature's healing effects with our signature treatment which bring you back into balance with nature and the rhythm of the seasons.

We will start with a unique body-type assessment to determine your seasonal body-type. These clues about the "seasonal self" will allow us to customise your journey and make sure we select the best therapies for absolute rejuvenation.

Your therapist will prepare a unique blend of products for your massage and select a special facial, body wrap or scrub according to your needs. A soothing foot soak and scalp massage will prepare you for this bespoke experience, allowing you to cherish the healing and nourishing effects long after your treatment ends. Your skin will be replenished and your energy levels restored, leaving you with a sense of sublime relaxation.

180 minutes ... of ultimate pampering

For reservations, please call +66 (0)2 162 9000 or email