Private Dining

If decadence is enjoying an expertly crafted dinner in the most incredible of locations, then Kempinski Seychelles Resort most definitely offers the best. It can be a rare treat to escape the company of others, and just enjoy some time together with your partner or group - that's precisely what our private dining options are able to offer you.

With a range of dinner types available, our private dining options will help to ensure you have the most perfect of evenings, dining on the most exquisite food and taking in your surroundings. Be sure to have a look at the types of private dining available. Whether you’re looking to impress your partner or a larger group, allow us to host an amazing night.

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    Romantic Dinners

    Every couple is different, and we reflect this in our Romantic Dinner option of our Private Dining offerings. We can tailor a dining experience for you and your partner that is like no other - we love working with you to make sure everything’s perfect, from the menu to the location and the service. The food we serve is prepared by our top chefs, and we will endeavour to ensure that everything is to your individual tastes. We're also more than happy to cater for any special dietary requirements you or your partner may have - be sure to let us know about this upon booking.

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  • L'Indochine Private Dining Room | Kempinski Seychelles Resort

    L'Indochine Private Dining

    The beautiful thing about private dining is that the occasion can be tailored to you. With your input, we can create the most incredible of dining experiences for you, with everything from the food and wine to the service all dictated with you in mind. Our top chefs will be on-hand to provide you with a menu that's agreed with you beforehand, ensuring that all members of your party are comfortable, happy and catered for. Special dietary requirements are not a problem either, and we will be happy to discuss any arrangements with you beforehand.

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  • Group Beach Dinner | Kempinski Seychelles Resort

    Private Group Dinners

    Whether you’re hosting a group of friends and family, or a collection of business colleagues, there is no better way to enjoy the island than with a Private Group Dinner on the sandy shores, overlooking the ocean and the lush, leafy environment. Add in the sound and smell of a crackling bonfire and the sizzle of a barbecue, and it could well be a night to remember.

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