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Jordan's Greatest Secrets Unfold

With a long-lasting list of sites and hot spots, Jordan is rich with a multitude of places to see and things to do. It's all waiting to be discovered!

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    Rose-Red City of Petra

    Petra, the world wonder, is without a doubt Jordan’s most valuable treasure. Although much has been written about Petra, nothing really prepares you for this amazing place. It has to be seen to be believed.

  • Wadi Rum

    Wadi Rum

    Untouched for centuries, Wadi Rum is just too beautiful for words to describe. Here you can hire a camel and follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, climb the highest peaks, or sandboard across the rolling sand dunes. Explore hidden canyons by foot, discover secret messages carved over 4,000 years ago, or take a hot-air balloon trip and soar with the eagles high above this amazing site.

  • Red Sea

    Water Sport Activities

    On the coast of the Red Sea, you can enjoy a wide range of sports and activities of an aquatic nature, including scuba diving, windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing, snorkeling and sailing.

    For those who prefer to keep their feet dry, all the deep sea wonders can be viewed through a glass-bottomed boat or by submarine, or you can just relax under the sun on the Hotel’s sandy beach.

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    The Mameluke Fort

    One of the main historical landmarks of Aqaba, was rebuilt by the Mamelukes in the sixteenth century. Square in shape and flanked by semicircular towers, the fort is marked with various inscriptions marking the latter period of the Islamic dynasty. Excavations at the ancient site of Ayla revealed a gate and city wall along with towers, buildings and a mosque.

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    The Dead Sea

    At the lowest spot on earth, more than 400 metres (1,312 ft) below sea level, a spectacular tourist attraction awaits. Its warm weather, filtered sun rays, oxygen-rich air, famous mineral rich black mud and curative waters make it the largest natural spa in the world.

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    Wadi Mujib

    This is definitely one of the most exciting adventures in Jordan. It combines marvellous scenery, good exercise and abundant gushing stream water. The fun is capped by enjoying a 20-m (66 ft)-high waterfall. It does not require any particular preparation. All you need is a pair of sports shoes and good spirit.