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Body Massages

The healing power of touch within your body messages provides an essential sanctuary from stress and tension.
Our team of experts therapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your body type to select the best body massage for you from a range of seasonal body massages which are especially designed to counteract the effects of tension within your body as well as the effects of the seasons.

Winter Warmer


This classic deep tissue massage is both invigorating
and stimulating and can be specifically designed
to focus on painful joints or stiffness in the body as
required. This therapeutic body treatment includes a
warming shea and mango butter foot balm.

Treatment time: 90 minutes - JOD 95


Spring In Your Step Gently


This is a detoxifying and revitalising massage that
works on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and
impurities from the body. This therapeutic treatment
commences with dry body brushing designed to awaken
a sluggish system.

Treatment time: 90 minutes - JOD 95


Summer Bliss


This Swedish massage will cool, calm and rehydrate
you. Whether you are suffering from the harmful effects
of the sun, irritated skin conditions, or your body is
generally in need of moisture; this treatment is designed
to diffuse the heat. The massage incorporates aloe vera
and cucumber with cooling stones on both the face and

Treatment time: 90 minutes - JOD 95


Autumn Sleep


This aromatherapy massage is focused on achieving
deep levels of relaxation. The massage includes
therapeutic head massage that works on cranial
pressure points to alleviate signs of stress and to create
harmony in the body and mind.

Treatment time: 90 minutes - JOD 95

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