Local informationAmman…the beating heart of Jordan

Setting on top of seven hills, Amman serves a dual role as both the modern and ancient capital of Jordan. It lies at the center of a myriad of historic and touristic attractions…which we’d love for you to enjoy.

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    Amman offers a distinctive range of restaurants of all popular international cuisines, as well as local traditional cuisine restaurants. Not to forget a wide variety of coffee shops spread all over Amman.

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    Art Galleries

    Amman is considered an art center combining ancient and modern, where many artists find the great opportunity to present their art and creativity. Well known art galleries as Dar Alanda and Darat al Funun.

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    Being inhabited by several civilizations allowed Amman to show the impact of different cultures at museums like the Jordan Museum of Fine the Jordan Archaeological Museum, Jordan Museum of Popular Tradition, the Jordan Folklore Museum and Souk jara.

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    A journey in downtown Amman will take you to another level exploring Roman theatre and forum, jewelry shops, antique stores and old cafes.