It’s Leisure time…one you deserve

Wondering how you’ll spend your day? We have what you need to maximize your leisure time and pamper yourself.

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    Spa and Health facilities

    Take the whole day to pamper your body…start with a relaxing massage at the Kempi Spa followed with a cardio workout at the gym and enjoy the rest of the day under the warmth of the sun on the outdoor pool.

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    Strikers Entertainment Centre

    Let loose and have fun playing a bowling round at Strikers, challenge your friends with darts or perhaps a billiard game, a variety of more entertainment awaits you at Strikers Entertainment Centre.

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    Longing for a city tour

    City tours in Amman are of utmost excitement; where you get to explore downtown city of old ancient buildings and remnant castles.
    Explore more of the city and discover another side of Amman.