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BE Health Association which was co-founded by Kempinski launches it's first movie

BE Health Association's name is inspired by the verb "to be" - because without health, we cannot be. With health comes strength, which helps people to grow and move forward.

BE Health's vision is to ensure that health is contagious from the workplace to the local community. That’s particularly important in countries where HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria are a high burden.

BE takes a different approach towards spreading health. We aim to mobilise the corporate sector to implement prevention activities in the workplace. From there they will spread out to reach local communities.

To do this, we collaborate with global and local healthcare experts from the public and private sectors.

BE has launched it's first movie. Please check-out the movie below and share it to make a difference for a better world with healthy children.



For more information about BE Health Association, please visit official website www.behealth.com