Ramadan Tent 2015 Ramadan 2015
Start the divine season of Ramadan with a heart filled with love and peace.
Mini Hotelier Mini Hotelier - Premium Summer Camp
July 1st to August 31st
Deluxe Room seaview All rooms offer picturesque sea view
Check out and book our rooms and suites
HydraFacial - new technology Evergreen, ever young, every season...
Try out our new HydraFacial MD® skin resurfacing procedures
Beach view One of the best beaches in the UAE
Enjoy our bird's-eye view beach panorama
Hotel in the evening Near to Dubai International Airport
Explore hotel location
Zanzi Bar Zanzi Bar - Restaurant and bar with a breathtaking sea view
11 F&B outlets - Check out our large choice of gastronomical options
Kempinski The Spa Tradition meets quality luxury and hygiene | Relax Refresh and Rejuvenate with Traditional Ayurveda!
Sirodhara helps in complete mental and physical relaxation
Kempinski Lawn Your memorable wedding in front of the endless sea
Check out our wedding, conference and banquet facilities
romantic dinner Romantic private beach dinner
Go beyond words and let nature do the talking
Bukhara | Chef Manoj Culinary highlights and special offers
Don't miss our seasonal offerings and gastronomic events
Cosmic Bowling An electrifying atmosphere at Cosmic Bowling
Enjoy pool tables, arcade games, bar and six colourful bowling lanes