Spa, Wellness and Fitness

Balance your body, soul, mind with a priceless spa and wellness experience that will leave you with renewed optimism.
We can offer refuge from the everyday world, a place for personal rediscovery, solace and healing. Allow the healing effects of our highly trained aestheticians or massage therapist’s help you rejuvenate with treatments focused on nourishing and stimulating the skin, pleasing the senses - all while giving you a renewed sense of self and relaxation.
Take your body and soul on a unique sensory journey as you enter the serene and soothing sanctuary of a luxurious retreat where you can expect benefits such as:

Stress management and relaxation

Massages are effective at removing tension from your muscles, helps with your flexibility and enhance your overall well-being. Further opportunities to relax and de-stress are daily walks on the beach, swimming and regular exercise.


Cleansing your body consists of daily exercise, nutritious food and detox juices. It rids your body of toxins and stress but also helps to clear your mind. It allows you to re-energize by cleansing your system, removing bad toxins and regenerating new blood back into your body

Improved circulation and blood pressure

Cardiovascular exercise helps to strengthen your heart and prevent against risky medical conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. Cardio exercise can also help you sleep through the night, relieve stress, have a more positive attitude and increase energy levels.

Anti-aging and healthy skin

Anti-ageing treatments, which will help you look and feel younger on both the inside and out. Our services include specialized skincare treatments such as non-invasive facials, peels and exfoliation.

Get in touch with your inner self on a cushion of wellness.