Art Gallery

Unearth Kempinski's love affair with contemporary art displayed in the 250 sqm Art Gallery.

Inspired by the Kempinski Arts Support Programme, established in 2008 for the purpose of supporting young talent in the arts, the mission of the Art Gallery at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra is to offer emerging talents from the West African region the platform to showcase their work in a public space, as well as to allow the community to appreciate art by young talent that would often go unseen.
An artist must undergo a period of hard work and experimentation before establishing a personal style, and also needs a great deal of support from people and institutions such as gallery owners, art dealers, public organisations, private collectors and governmental art programmes.

The Art Gallery’s mission of promoting visual arts in Ghana reaffirms Kempinski’s commitment to social and cultural activities. The gallery will take part in the burgeoning creative arts’ scene in Ghana by introducing new talent and ways of creative expression. It will also celebrate classics and ultimately serve as a nexus for the appreciation of these national assets. Directing resources toward work by young artists broadens the scope of collection in the art market, promotes cultural creative industries, increases art consumption and the aesthetic standards of the public, and the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City takes great pride in being instrumental in this.