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Spa Treatments

Embark upon a path of inner balance and outer radiance, as our dedication to the time-honoured, natural health beliefs of our ancient philosophy invites you to fulfill your most revitalizing journey. Relinquish time and pressure, and let us tailor treatments and packages that respond uniquely to your health and beauty ideals.

Choose from a variety of Spa treatments that cater to all your skincare needs. Glance into some of the most popular treatments Anantara Spa has to offer.

For more information or to book a treatment, please call (+971) 2 690 7978 or email anantara.spa@emiratespalace.ae.

  • croppedimage230150-Gateway-to-Arabia

    Gateway to Arabia

    Celebrate the region’s richest tradition in an extended Moroccan Hammam.

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  • croppedimage230150-royal-HAmman

    Royal Hammam Ritual

    Rediscover your glow with this Moroccan inspired hammam treatment using only the finest products from Charme d’Orient.

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  • croppedimage230150-journey-of-siam-2

    Journey of Siam

    Awaken your inner strength and vigour with an exquisite journey from Thailand

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  • croppedimage230150-purifying-dead-sea-mineral

    Natural Wonder of The Dead Sea

    Journey through the centuries and experience a beauty ritual admired by royalty.

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  • croppedimage230150-detox-green-tea-scrub

    Detoxifying Green Tea Scrub

    The perfect uplifting exfoliation.

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  • croppedimage230150-stress-release

    Stress Release Massage

    The excellent relaxing massage to release stress.

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  • croppedimage230150-traditional-thai

    Traditional Thai Massage

    A deep, full-body massage progressing from the feet up and focusing on energy lines throughout the body.

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  • croppedimage230150-arabian-massage

    Arabian Massage

    An excellent massage to release muscle tension and enhance the body’s energy level.

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  • croppedimage230150-anatara-signature-2

    Anantara Signature Massage

    An ideal massage to stimulate circulation and promote deep relaxation.

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  • croppedimage230150-reflexololgy

    Foot Reflexology

    An ancient healing therapy based around the principals of holistic balance and deep relaxation

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  • croppedimage230150-Elemis-facial-massage2

    Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial

    Experience the ultimate in scientific skin therapy.

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