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Signature Dish

Emirates Palace Camel Burger

Taste the rich flavours of the region with the Emirates Palace signature dish, the 24 karat gold Camel Burger

A unique Arabic twist on a classic American favourite, the sumptuous camel mince patty is infused with local spices and offset by a touch of truffle mayonnaise on a gold-dusted bun.

As the juice dribbles down your chin, savour the tender meat with locally inspired condiments. Enjoy homemade Arabic pickles, traditional taboule salad, fried onion, and mozzarella cheese. As an added creative twist, chickpea fritters dusted in gold provide an authentic Arabic taste in an unconventional form.



The signature Camel Burger was created and introduced in 2012, after several months of culinary brain-storming, endless tasting-sessions and a hotly-contested qualifying heat by competing teams from the hotel’s restaurants. In celebration of locally produced products, a total of twenty options were narrowed down to five, from which the victorious burger was announced.

The signature Camel Burger is now a popular item on the Le Cafe menu, and a must-try item.