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Mezlai - Emirati Restaurant

Mezlai Emirati Restaurant

Emirates Palace is proud to present Mezlai, the top choice for local Emirati dining in Abu Dhabi. This unique restaurant offers you flawless customer service and attention, as well as first-class Emirati cuisine that rivals any of the Arabic restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Mezlai Restaurant is the first dedicated Emirati cuisine restaurant in the UAE and is a well-respected addition to the family of restaurants within Emirates Palace. Mezlai is an Arabic word meaning ‘the old lock of the door’, befitting the classic ambient Arab décor that surrounds you as you recline and dine in luxurious comfort.

Enjoy your authentic Emirati cuisine dining experience on the outdoor terrace, as this intimate environment lends itself perfectly to the luxurious views of the Arabian Gulf before you, and Emirates Palace behind you. The warm weather, blue sky and sea breeze will enhance your appetite and fine dining experience.

According to many within the top echelons of the city’s business community, Mezlai is the best Arabic restaurant in Abu Dhabi, serving a variety of beautifully-cooked and elegantly presented familiar local dishes that are made with the finest fresh ingredients. 

Email Contact:
Telephone: +971 2 690 7999
Opening Hours:
All-Day-Dining: Everyday 13:00 - 22:30
Dress Code Smart Casual
Capacity 87 (Indoor)+ 48 (Outdoor)