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Be adventurous and try a cappuccino made from local camel milk. The rich taste of camel milk provides the perfect complement to aromatic coffee, elegantly paired with a piece of camel milk chocolate.

CamelccinoA local twist on the traditional cappuccino, enjoy the sweet flavours of camel milk with a supreme blend of aromatic coffee, topped off with a layer of delicate foam. Using the finest camel milk from local distributors in Abu Dhabi, this is a highly recommended indulgence to all those new to the Middle East.

Served on a polished silver tray, you can enjoy your camelccino with a date and a piece of camel chocolate. The camel chocolate, made from the best local camel milk, compliments the flavour of the camelccino to provide the perfect sweet. There is also a palate cleansing glass of water to finish with.

The Camelccino is served throughout the day in both Caviar Bar and Le Café from 7:00 am to 12:30 am. AED 50 excluding 10% service charge and 6% tourism fee.